Computer Facility • 53 Church Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

For Faculty

The Church Street facility contains five computer classrooms for class reservation and section meetings. An adaptive technology lab is also available for individuals with specialized needs.

Staff is available during all open hours. Please see the front help desk if you have questions about the facility or need assistance with any equipment. More comprehensive instructions and lab tours can be arranged through Lab Manager Pierre Julien. He can be reached by e-mail at pierre_julien (at) or by phone at (617) 495-5485.

Reserve a Computer Classroom or Make Software Requests

To select the appropriate lab for your class, review the selection of computer labs and available software. Verify availability using the online classroom calendar.

The primary contact for classroom reservations is Karen Ogden, Assistant Registrar. She can be reached by e-mail through karen_ogden (at) or by phone at (617) 496-6648.

If you have any questions about the classrooms or require additional help reserving class space, please contact Lab Manager Pierre Julien at Pierre_julien (at) or (617) 495-5485.

If 53 Church Street does not have the software you need for a class, you can place an online software request.

Audiovisual Equipment in Classrooms

We can provide a variety of audiovisual equipment for classrooms.

See the Brattle Street audiovisual support information.

Additional information

Additional information regarding academic computing services (websites, bulletin boards, mailing lists, and FAQs) can be found on the Academic Computing page.