Computer Facility • 53 Church Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Getting Started

Activate Your Computer Account

All registered Harvard Extension and Harvard Summer School students are eligible for a Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) e-mail and computer account with which you can send and receive e-mail and access the computer lab resources. To create your FAS account, you need to know your Harvard ID number and have generated a HarvardKey (see below). Once you have your HarvardKey, you may request to activate your FAS account.

ID Numbers and HarvardKey

You can view your Harvard ID by logging into your Harvard Extension or Harvard Summer School online services and selecting "Student Information and Status." To create a new HarvardKey or change your existing Key combination, visit the HarvardKey System.  For more information about ID numbers, please refer to IDs and Login on the Extension School or Summer School websites.

For more information about computer services, see Summer School Computer and E-mail Services or Extension School Computer and E-mail Services.

Access Online Services

Online Services for the Extension and Summer Schools allows you to register for classes, view grades, and update your contact information.

Connect Your Laptop

If you have a laptop and would like to connect to the Harvard network, you should register your laptop’s MAC or hardware address on the Harvard network system. You can register both your wireless hardware address and your ethernet hardware address through the HUIT Client Management System.