Computer Facility • 53 Church Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Help Desks

User assistants User assistants provide front–line technical support for students at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education (DCE). They are committed to top-notch support and also welcome your questions and encourage technical discussions.

User assistants spend the majority of shift time working at the help desk answering user support questions (technical and general), loaning and tracking equipment, verifying student status, and answering phone inquiries.

User assistants also have many responsibilities throughout the lab, including direct user support, proactive troubleshooting and testing, computer maintenance, toner and paper changes, project work, and lab setup.

The facility contains two help desks that provide a variety of support functions. Both desks are staffed by user assistants during open lab hours.

General Support Desk (Room 101)

Media Support Desk (Room 108)

Information Sheets

See our information sheets for help on a variety of subjects, including use of software available at the facility.