Computer Facility • 53 Church Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Support for Brattle Street


To schedule audiovisual requests, please send an e-mail to

Set up

If necessary, unlock the podium top and front panel using the silver key and turn on the power on the lectern laptop. (The power button is above the keyboard, upper left).

Press the “Display Power” button. Hold for two to three seconds. Do not repeatedly hit the power button because the projector will receive a power down command.

Do not turn on the power directly from the ceiling unit.

Next, select the source from the control panel.

  1. Lectern Computer: Permanently attached, staff-maintained laptop. This laptop contains the main Church Street laptop image and is reimaged every day.
  2. Auxiliary PC: You can use the extra monitor cable to connect a personal laptop.
  3. DVD/VCR: Choose DVD or VHS on the deck inside the cabinet. Also, use this setting to connect when using the video and audio ports next to the control panel (e.g., projecting a camcorder image).


Source not correct.
If “Lectern Computer” is chosen on the control panel and the DVD is projecting, please choose the lectern computer again to reselect.

Laptop not projecting.
Most laptops can toggle through three display states (LCD, CRT, and both). Use the F8 key to toggle through viewing modes. Some laptops use the F5 key as the toggle option.

Audio problems.

Network Connection

Brattle Street has two types of network jacks:

By default, the lectern laptop will be on the FAS network with Internet access.


Press the “Display Power” button. Hold for two to three seconds.


Support is available at (617) 998-8595. E-mail for questions or to report problems.