Computer Facility • 53 Church Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Lab Rules

Lab Access

Lab access is limited to the following:

Authorized students gain access to the lab by using the swipe card reader to the left of the facility’s front and rear doors. Please ring the bell if your swipe card does not work, and a member of the lab staff will open the door for you and check your ID card.


Color Printing

Color printing is limited to the following:

Unattended Computers

To ensure the efficient use of lab resources, computers should not be left unattended for more than 20 minutes. Exceptions can be made for tasks such as rendering, which may require more time for completion.

Computer with reserved form If you need to leave a computer unattended for an extended period of time, please ask a user assistant for help. User assistants will have to fill out a form to keep your computer reserved while the task is in progress. You should return within 20 minutes of the expected completion time of the task.

Some long renders may need to be done overnight. If you wish to leave a computer running tasks overnight, please see a user assistant. Overnight renders are for class final projects only. Students must return to the lab no later than 10 am the next morning to save their project and free up the computers for other uses. It should be noted that overnight renders disrupt scheduled lab image updates, so please request this only for projects that require more than six hours of computer time.

Students should never place their own "Reserved" or "Do not Touch" signs on a computer.

Staff may not be able to honor all requests to reserve a computer. Image maintenance and classroom use take priority over reserve requests.

Multimedia Lab

This lab provides resources for multimedia-related projects. If you only need to access the Internet or use common applications such as Microsoft Office, please use our other labs such as the Macintosh lab in room 104, the PC labs in rooms 201 and 202, and the PC laptop lab in room L01.

Scratch disk. Files saved on the local drives, including the scratch disk, will be erased on a regular basis. Please make sure that you back up all of your work and data on your own external devices.

Rendering. If you need to occupy a computer for an extended period of time to render a project, please refer to our unattended computer policy above. For these cases, you will have to fill out a reserve form with the help of a user assistant.